Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reality Doesn't Bite

I can't get enough of reality tv. I know this is a sad and unfortunate statement, but at least I am being honest. It's mostly sex, fighting, and of course drama. How can't this stuff be entertaining? Over the years, show after show on various stations are biting on the reality stick. What can I say? As pathetic as it may be, I am simply addicted.

Age of the Blogger

It seems bloggers are the reporters for the future. Never before did I think that anyone and everyone can voice their opinions on any given topic. This form of journalism is becoming more and more popular. As I browse from blog to blog, I am filled with different points of views that continues to open my eyes daily. It is amazing the technological advancments that we are surrounded by.

FCAT Hindering Students

Due to the FCAT in the state of Florida students are being raped of their full educational experience. Classtime is being consumed by review over reading and math questions for the FCAT, while other subjects are being pushed under the rug. Some class skip entire subjects such as social studies just so they can prepare for this ridiculous test. Florida needs to seriously reconsider the taking of this mandatory test.

Teen Pregnancy

Today, it has become more and more prevelant for young girls to become pregnant. Especially in poorer neighborhoods where schools are greatly neglected by the state, many students lack the inspiration and hope of doing something with their lives. Many girls feel, in this situation, that the only meaning to their lives is to have a child. Also in poor neighborhoods many kids come from broken homes. Psycologically, some of these girls need to exert love, so they foster a child to fulfill that need. It is a sad situation that need to be looked at from a socioloical and eceonomical point of view.

Boca Get Your Nose Out Of The Air!

The city of Boca Raton appears to be the Beverly Hills of the east. With more builing of pricing stores and restaurant, Boca city developers are trying to stick out in South Florida. A few months back, TGI Fridays at the Town Center mall was unable to repurchase their contract because developers wanted a more high scale restaurant. This poses true for other affordable stores throughout the city. But isn't their a huge college, smack in the center of Boca? Ah yes FAU. Do you really think that younge, low paid students who are working hard to pay for tuition want the best of the best super-pricing restaurants going in all around them? How are all those strapping younge college men going to afford a night out on the town. Really Boca quit trying to be so pretty.

Discrimination at Blood Banks

I think that it's rediculous that homosexual men can't give blood. It's discrimination without a doubt. The government opposes gay men giving blood due to high rate of HIV infected homosexuals. It seems to me that this diease doesn't care what your sexual orientation or what color your skin is. I mean what's next, barring certain races from giving blood as well. They gripe about not having enough support at blood drives and they test the blood anyway. Why can't gay men give blood too? It seems to be a great injustice.

The Jury's In On Moussaoui!!!!!

The jury's in, and Moussaoui has been charge with life in prison. Some may feel that he should have received the death penalty, however the debate would be that's exactly what he wants. It could be a ploy of reverse psychology, but I think that life in prison is better suited. Just imagine all the torture he is going to rightfully endyre in prison, perhaps even death. This is a much harsher punishment than capital punishment.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Internet Marketplace

By using an online bargaining service, a guy in Canada traded a red paperclip for various items. He is hoping to eventually trade for a house. I know this sounds a little bit odd but listen to his plan. Beginning with a red paper clip he traded for a frog pencil, then traded the pencil for a twelve pack of beer. That twelve pack he evnetually traded for a budweiser sign, to a beer keg, to eventually one month free rent in an apartment and so on... He is hoping throughout his many trades to come across a bargain for a house. Now, apparently this guy has too much time on his hands, but if you think about all he has gained from nothing but a paperclip and a new idea it becomes visible that he may be on to something. I believe he will eventually get his house.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Smoking/ No Fumar

While watching the movie Good Night, and Goog Luck starring George Clooney I realized how acceptable smoking once was. This movie was looking back on the years during the McCarthy Crusade when everyone, and I mean everyone was a smoker. Not only during just one or two scenes, but literally every shot had someone lighting up. When you watch old black and white movies it becomes apparent that smoking was extremely common. Nowadays with new cinema you hardly ever see cigarrette use. It's amazing how this has so dramatically changed throughout the years. I believe it to be nothing but progress for the movie industry. The poison of smoking has plagued society so harshly, that I can see steps every day made to extinguish this hazardous stick.

Tips For The Lonely Driver

This is an important tip for anyone, especially girls, that drive alone. Many horrifying incidents have occured where women have been pulled over by unmarked police cars that are driven by rapists and murders looking for prey. If ever you find yourself being pulled over by an unmarked car or if you are out in the middle of nowhere and you feel uncomfortable pulling over, then dial *677 on your cell phone. This line immediately links you to the police department dispatch office where you can find out if the police officer is official. If you don't have a cell phone real police officers know that you have the right to protect yourself, so just put on you flashers which will indicate that you recognize them and drive to a populated location. Keep these tips in mind because you never know what can happen. Better safe then sorry.

Movie Review

I just finished watching the new KING KONG that just came out starring Jack Black and Naomi Watts. I was surprisingly pleased with Peter Jackson's remake of this epic movie. Usually when classics are remade they become cheesy, however, I found this movie to be remarkable in style. The special effects were unbelieveable and it was action packed. It was three hours long, usually a bit too long for a movie in my opinion, but this movie in particular didn't feel drawn out. My attention was captivated the entire time. So if you have some time on your hands, rent this movie. I promise you will love it!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

No Bull About Red Bull

A poular myth among youngsters is that the mixing of energy drinks with alcohol will ensure rampant stamina while clubbing. But, recent studies are finding that drinking Red Bull while consuming alcohol will only reduce the user's ability to recognize loss of motor skills. The energy drink naturally acts as an upper in the body, whereas, the alcohol acts as a downer. This inevitably can result in a major body crash and can allow the body to become more suseptable to alcohol poisoning. So if your out partying, save the energy drink for the day after just in case.

Listen To This

I am all about Real Radio 94.3 lately. This station is different from the normal radio stations, in that, no music is played, it's all talk. Talk about issues in the media, relationships, and anything else that is on your mind. They also differ with other stations because they don't screen the calls. They pretty much let anyone talk whether they have something intelligent to say or not. As you can imagine this can become very entertaining. So if you're in the car and tired of the monontinous music give talk radio a try. You'll become an addict, I promise!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not Another Hurricane Season!

Hate to bring it up, but hurricane season is about to show face. Are we ready this year? FPL has been trying to make proper precautions this season, in order to, avoid the legnthy outages faced in previous seasons. One recent issue is undergroung powerlines. Rich places such as Sewalls Point and Jupiter Island have shown great interest in this pricy venture. Initially, these underground lines seem a safer way to enter the hurricane season. However, if these poles are damaged by flooding they can take up to twice as long to fix. This means longer outages than ever before. I don't think that's a chance I'm willing to take.

DUI For Marajuana

I heard on the radio yesterday that a man received a DUI. But, this DUI was not given for drinking alcohol, instead for the smoking of marajuana. While driving, this man crashed into a mother with her three kids. All died except for one of the children. Initially the police officers concluded that the man was not under the influence after using the breathalizer. However, a month later the blood test showed that the man had THC, the main component in marajuana, in his system. Suprisingly to me, the man was charged with a DUI. This is the first case to use smoking weed as an outlet for issueing a DUI. This seems a bit nuts to me. First of all, marajuana stays in one's system for up to thirty days so how can they prove that this was the cause of the fatal crash. Also, the police officers at the scene saw no sign of impairment in the man. So how can they say a month later that because the man had THC in his system, he was at that particular moment too impared by weed to drive safely? This seems to be too much of an assumption.

The New World of Internet Dating

Recently I've been hearing alot about Internet dating. It seems what once was a creepy way of meeting strange people is now a widely common socialization tool used by people of all ages. With websites such as or even my-space, people can meet others with similar points of views and interests. These sites seem to also be helping post-divorcees re-enter the dating world. My initial thought of this form of dating is - is it dangerous? Well, like anything else I guess just proper precautions must be taken when talking on these sites. It has become apparent that the Internet has become a major factor of interaction throughout society.

The New World of Internet Dating

Recently I've been hearing alot about Internet dating. It seems what once was a creepy way of meeting strange people is now a widely common socialization tool used by people of all ages. With websites such as or even my-space, people can meet others with similar points of views and interests. These sites seem to also be helping post-divorcees re-enter the dating world. My initial thought of this form of dating is - is it dangerous? Well, like anything else I guess just proper precautions must be taken when talking on these sites. It has become apparent that the Internet has become a major factor of interaction throughout society.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Publix Providing Doctor's Offices

Publix supermarkets announced that they are going to place doctor's offices within their stores. Now if you are sick, instead of waiting at the hospital you only need to go to your local grocery store. I know I hate hospitals so I think this is a great idea. I mean, they already have a pharmacy so a doctor's office would fit in perfectly. They should be seen going up within a few months.

Biota Water Bottles

The new production of Biota water bottles are a great invention! I say invention because instead of being made out of plastic, these bottles are made out of a corn-based polymer. This looks exactly like any other bottle, however it is biodegradable after only eighty days. If this material is used to replace all plastic items, just think of all the good it will do for the environment. It would definitly cut down the nation's trash problem, as well as, cut down on polution. These bottles can be found at any Publix supermarket.

The Good Old Cheese State

Has anyone heard the story of the drunk drivers in Wisconsin this pat week? Apparently, three cars were involved in an accident and all three drivers were drunk. What a strange coincidence I thought at first, but after realizing the location it became clear to me. My uncle has visited the state of Wisconsin before and he said there's a bar every ten miles and nothing else. So, I guess it's not that uncommon for multiple drunk drivers to be on the roads at night in Wisconsin. What a strange coincidence if that were to happen here in Florida.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good Book

I am in the middle of reading a real page turner. Famous for its conspiracy theory and secret society dealings The Davinci Code is living up to all the buzz. Even if you are dead set against the religious views or unorthodox teachings portrayed throughout this book, it is still extremely interesting. It's an action packed story that unveils the possibility of secret society made to uphold the ideas of the sacred feminine. I thought the subject would be a little heavy for me, but it is written extremely well. Ron Howard is also directing this story starring Tom Hanks in the upcoming months. So if you get a chance to check it out do it, this book won't let you down.

Bonus Based On FCAT

I read in the paper today that the Florida Board of Education approved a plan Tuesday that will give bonuses to the state's top teachers. This bonus is only dependent upon how students score on their FCAT and other standardized testing. Well, I feel pretty strongly that any kind of standardized testing is B.S. But now certain teachers are going to receive bonuses while others don't and I just don't think that is fair. These test have become conventional and I feel that it is my non-conventional teachers are the ones who make the greatest impact. So why are standard teachers being awarded money? Shouldn't it be the teachers who think outside of the box? I think we can all agree that teaching is an underpaid profession and I'm sure that most teachers deserve a massive pay increase. However, I don't belive money should be awarded based upon some silly test grades.